OSHES is fully committed to main high standards of Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental performance across all business activities. OSHES is committed to provide services and products to the agreed QHSE standards. We recognize that the maintaining Quality, Health and Safety and the Environment in which we operate is fundamental to the success of the company. Therefore, we shall strive to;

  • – Comply with customer requirements
  • – Prevent injury / illness to the people and damage to the environment
  • – Promote Quality, Health, Safety & Environment values
  • – Maximize the efficient use of resources and assets by adopting the best practices
  • – Measure and continually improve QHSE performance

To deliver this we shall:

  • – Provide the leadership and resources to develop and maintain effective, externally verified QHSE system with defined responsibility and accountability meeting the customer requirements.
  • – Be fully compliant with relevant regulatory and other requirements.
  • – Promote a positive QHSE culture and in which our vision, objectives and policy are shared with our workforce to recognize and manage risk associated with their activities.
  • – Empower the workforce for refusing unsafe tasks and stop the job.
  • – Identify, assess and manage QHSE issues in all stages of our operations to prevent or minimize risk of harm to people, environment and assets.
  • – Have effective plans and resources in place to respond to incidents, emergencies or no compliance.
  • – Investigate incidents, implement recommendations to prevent re-occurrence and share the lessons learned with our workforce and others.
  • – Set realistic and practicable objectives and target on an annual basis and monitor performance against them.
  • – Conduct regular audits to ensure compliance and system improvement.
  • – Perform an annual management review of performance and progress.

This policy applies to all our activities. Employees, contractors and others working on our behalf, have a responsibility to comply with it and prevent harm to themselves, others and damage to the environment. The policy will be displayed on company premises and available to those requesting a copy.